New safety milestone 20 million man-hours LTI Free– new record

Managing safety is never an easy task, and unless you have a 100% committed management it is almost impossible to get good results. Express is an example in this respect. Similarly even with all resources available, without everyone’s engagement we would never get this far. This means this is not an achievement of the SHE department. This is your achievement, the Project Directors, the Head of all departments and especially every employee in all areas and in all units.  Congratulations to you all. Keep putting safety first. 

I step back in time and I remember 5 years ago when we had the 2 LTI’s in November 2009, which broke the then highest safety record of 12 million man-hours without accidents with lost time, when I was told by a colleague in the profession during one of the safety forum held in Luanda that “it would be very difficult for Express to re-achieve such a similar safety milestone”.  The same person then added saying he had enough experience to think that way. At the time I replied saying that every thing he said made sense as catering is probably one of the most dangerous activities in the labor market since  we handle knives, transport hot water, manipulate sensitive chemicals etc., thousands of times in a year, therefore being able to do better would be an act of real heroism. Heroes - is exactly what you all proven to be with this new amazing achievement of 5 years, nearly 2,000 days and over 20 million man-hours LTI free. You are the true safety heroes. Well done. Thank you very much.


Express Support Services is a joint venture between local Angolan company Express Catering Services, Limitada and the world’s leading hospitality and support services company, Compass Group (the world’s 12th largest employer with over 500,000 staff in 50 countries).

This gives us local knowledge, expertise and reputation of a market leader in Angola, and the worldwide experience of Compass. The result is a truly local company with a global reach.

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